First things first


Good morning weekend. Glad to see you this week again finally. So, I think I should do first thing in the morning, I started blog again and gallery website. Today, I’m gonna talk about this site and a bit me then this is gonna be my proper first blog post.

This site is basically as my photo gallery and blog. Now I turned 30 and started new life in northern Sweden with my husband from the end of last year. Almost all my daily life is changing and my feeling and taste also changing. I don’t want to waste of this every single changing and find my new 30s lifestyle, taste and favorites through my experience. This is good chance to log my thinking and what I saw or find here I think. And I can share them with my friends and family in Japan, Germany, France and Australia or Singapore etc… and maybe with a lot of people in the world.

I am very eclectic person means I like lots of things. I like Classic but also Rock or Electronic music, like Partying but also reading, like fashion but also Japanese animations. I like trip but also staying at home all day lazy day. I will collect these things or inspirations on blog and I hope my life is getting better and better. And my language and writing skills as well!

Anyway, Thank you for visiting here and reading. Have a good weekend:)






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